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Pilates video: pull-ups on the Cadillac.


Another video of Pilates in action at our Atlanta studio, in the form of pull-ups. Katie McNeight performs this intermediate exercise on the STOTT PILATES Cadillac


Video: Midback Series Pilates Exercise


Thought your snow angel days were over?  Here’s instructor Autumn Gehrlich performing a Midback Series exercise at Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy of Atlanta: great for the arms!  We have a number of Pilates equipment classes that help tone your arms while you strengthen your core.


Video: Pilates Backward Stepdown Exercise


In this video, we show you the backward stepdown exercise on the Stability Chair in our Atlanta studio. This is a great Pilates exercise for lower extremity and core strength.


Pilates Video: Lift and Lower with Leg Springs, Atlanta


Here’s another video showing a Pilates workout in our Atlanta studio: Jasmine demonstrates a series of lift and lower exercises with leg springs on the STOTT Pilates V2Max Reformer.  It’s a great way to develop muscle strength and stability.  To learn more about exercises with foot straps, or what a workout like this can do for you, ask us at the studio!


Video: Balls and Bands Pilates Workout


Check out this video of Stability Pilates’ own Jessica Loncar teaching a STOTT Pilates Balls and Bands class at Lululemon Athletica in Atlanta. Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy was the Lululemon Studio of the Month for June 2010.

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