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Great Strides walk for Cystic Fibrosis


Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy wants you to help us support and welcome Autumn Gehrlich back to Stability! Starting in June, you will see a lot more of Autumn around the studio. This Saturday, May 18, Autumn is participating in the Great Strides walk for cystic fibrosis, a cause very close to her heart having recently been diagnosed with the disease. For every $2 donated to this cause, by Friday May 17th, you will be entered into a drawing for a free private given by Autumn! Donations can be given to any staff member. The more you give, the better the chance to win your FREE PRIVATE!



Stability and Oh Baby fitness!


We are so proud of one of our partners Oh Baby! Fitness!!  They are going national and this wonderful piece they had put together, features our studio!  You’ll catch Jessica speaking a little & Jasmine walking through the studio.  Congrats to Oh Baby! and thank you for allowing us to be apart of such a great accomplishment!  Take a look at the video!


In honor of Joseph Pilates!



Honoring Joseph Pilates’ life


October 9th marks the anniversary of the day Joseph Pilates passed away.

There are many legends surrounding his death, but it seems that his death was the result of respiratory failure – due to the exposure to smoke inhalation during a fire in the building where he worked and lived, as well as years of smoking cigars. Ironically, despite his emphasis on proper breathing technique and improvement of lung efficiency, it appears that he suffered from emphysema.

His obituary reads like an advertisement for his methods:

The above obituary appeared in the New York Times on October 10, 1967.

Sadly, Joseph never got to see the widespread adoption of his methods. His vision was for Contrology to be taught and practiced in schools all throughout the US. If only he knew that it didn’t take much longer for his work to be practiced worldwide! No matter where you go these days, chances are that you are within walking distance of a fully equipped Pilates studio.

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.” Joseph Pilates

Thank you Joseph Pilates for your patience and persistence, and for the incredible body of work you have left behind!


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Twistbands available at Stability!


Stability Pilates & Physical Therapy now have Twistbands!  These are the perfect accessory for your hair and your wrist! The colorful hair ties and headbands do not leave a dent or crease in your hair after your workout or long day! They are made of elastic trim & stretch to support any hairstyle.  We have them available in a variety of colors and patterns to complement any style!


Price range varies:

Single Hair Ties – $2
Set of 3 – $5
Set of 3 – $6 (Tie Dye)
10 for $15

Set of 3 – $10
Set of 6 – $19









Check them out at and in our studio!


The benefits of Pilates!



Here’s a great article to read about the benefits of Pilates!


4 Reasons to Stick With Pilates

Fitness · Pilates

Fad workouts come and go, but Pilates continues to be a favorite among Hollywood starlets and well-versed fitness fanatics. What’s to love about the exercise? Check out these four reasons to do Pilates below.

Complementary workout: Whether you are a hard-core swimmer or a bootcamp devotee, incorporating Pilates into your workout routine helps keep your muscles loose and flexible, important for staying injury-free, and allows your body to recuperate while still working your muscles.

Lengthen and strengthen: The oft-quoted promise that Pilates and other studio-based exercises will make you look long and lean may be a stretch, since there’s no physical way to actually make your muscles longer or leaner. But regularly practicing Pilates can help you combat muscle bulkiness. “In Pilates you stretch the muscle to its full extension, then contract it,” says celeb Pilates trainer Nicole Stuart. With weights, however, “you are using your muscles against the resistance of that weight you are holding. So while you’re lifting the weight you build and expand your muscle. You are adding a layer of muscle and reshaping.”

Read on for more reasons to do Pilates after the break.

Body awareness: One major reason why people are such big fans of Pilates is because the practice helps you become more aware of your body both in and out of the studio. Pilates teaches you how to breathe — useful when you’re out on your daily run — and how to stand correctly — useful for making your belly look that much flatter. It’s not all deep breathing and better posture; a regular Pilates practice can also connect you with your body and help you be better coordinated and mindful in all your movements. Read on for all the ways Pilates makes everything better here.

Calorie burn: Pilates may not exactly be a calorie-buster, but going to Pilates class will help you burn a decent amount while you strengthen and stretch. A 130-pound woman will burn 144 calories in a one-hour Pilates class, which makes the workout perfect for those lower-intensity days.


Jezebel Magazine Best of 2012


VOTE for Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy for Best of 2012 in JEZEBEL Magazine! We’re under the Health and Beauty section – Pilates, Massage, Yoga & Group Fitness classes. Please share this link with your friends, family and co-workers to help Stability win Best of 2012! Voting ends March 14 so we need you now.


Best Self Atlanta magazine feature!


Check out Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy of Atlanta in the latest issue of Best Self Atlanta Magazine! A great spotlight on our new Spring wall classes.

You can also check out one of our great clients Amy Bubes Jewelry who is featured on the same page with us!



We need 100 “Likes” on Facebook


Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy of Atlanta has entered a promotional contest through Facebook. Please help us reach our goal of 100 more “Likes” on our Facebook page. Spread the word by visiting our FB page at and be sure to “Like” us while you’re there! The deadline is April 1st.



Smoke Signals magazine feature


We here at Stability Pilates & Physical Therapy of Atlanta, are so excited to be featured in the November issue of Smoke Signals magazine! Thank you to one of our wonderful clients, Betsy Robinson, for a great write up about Pilates!

Printed with permission from Smoke Signals


A First Timer at Stability Pilates


Thanks to our partner CineMoms for a great writeup of a first-time Pilates class! If you’re curious about Pilates, CineMoms creator Marci Miller gives a rundown of her experience in our studio as a Pilates newbie: read the article here.

We’re also offering several Mother’s Day deals for CineMoms members — get in touch to find out more!

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