Pilates is “a Guy Thing” – Client Testimonial

I came to Stability Pilates in March of 2012 simply because my fiancé got me a gift certificate as a present. She wanted me to do something progressive for my back, which had been giving me trouble for seven years due to a series of car collisions. I was hesitant because I thought Pilates was“not […]

Just Breathe

Let’s focus on one of the Basic Principles of Pilates! BREATHING PROPER BREATHING: Focuses the mind on each task Helps avoid unnecessary tension in the neck and shoulders during exercise Exhaling deeply helps activate the deep abdominals (transversus abdominis) to remain stable throughout an exercise Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth […]

Healthy Eating Tips

Here are some healthy eating tips for looking and feeling your best this summer: Eat small frequent meals – every three to four hours is best Include protein at all meals and snacks – but keep it lean and low-fat Avoid fat-free products – they tend to be loaded with sugar and/or salt to compensate […]