Private Sessions vs Group Classes

The decision to sign up for private one-on-one sessions for Pilates or for one of our group classes, be it mat or reformer, can sometimes be a difficult decision to make. Here are some of the benefits of both to try to make that decision a little easier for you! The biggest benefit of private […]

Rib Cage Placement

Let’s focus on another one of the Basic Principles of Pilates! RIB CAGE PLACEMENT RIB CAGE PLACEMENT: All of your abdominal muscles attach at the bottom of your ribs You must use your abdominal muscles to keep your ribs from deviating forward when reaching overhead When lying on your back, try to maintain a sense […]

Pilates is “a Guy Thing” – Client Testimonial

I came to Stability Pilates in March of 2012 simply because my fiancé got me a gift certificate as a present. She wanted me to do something progressive for my back, which had been giving me trouble for seven years due to a series of car collisions. I was hesitant because I thought Pilates was“not […]